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About Johnny

Johnny Wu is an ever talented magician working for 15 years pleasing the audience throughout the city with his unique magic tricks. He is a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and specializes in performing close-up magic and interactive stage magic. He is the performing choice of many celebrities and top fortune 500 companies because he truly connects with the audience, creating a personal experience that leaves a lasting impression.


"I am a happily married man of two years and a new baby daughter (she's adorable). I know my baby face makes me look like I am still in High School but I am actually almost 30 years old! I try to keep things interesting utilizing my creativity through magic in every part of my life including my social life, love life, and my career. I am often asked, "What  do you like most about magic?" I always have a blast interacting and engaging with the audience when I'm on stage but nothing beats the feeling of performing up close and personal with people, leaving them with a look of shock on their face with each new piece of magic. On or off the stage, I love meeting new people and sharing new and exciting experiences.  I am proud of my unique style of entertainment through magic and wish to share it with the world."

- Johnny Wu

Corporate Entertainment

Many people asked me: "So did you marry that girl you propose to?" Yes, I did. Now we have a beautiful little girl. Having a child is such a life-changing experience for me, and it reminds me of how amazing human beings are. We can create life! I can't wait to share my magic with my daughter, and maybe she will become a baby magician in a couple of years :)