About Johnny

Johnny Wu is an ever talented magician working for 14 years pleasing the corporate audience throughout the city with his unique magic tricks. He is a member of the Hollywood magic castle and he specializes in performing close up magic and interactive stage magic. He is the performing choice of many events because he has the ability to influence everyone and create a hot topic between the audiences every time he performs. 


I am a happiliy married man for 2 years now. I know I have a baby face which makes me look like I am still in High School but that's the Asian part of me.I am actually almost 30 years old! I love being creative, and full of surprise.  I put all my creativity and personality in every part of my life. That includes my social life, love life and my magic life. I have my very own unique style of pleasing the audience. When I am on stage, I am the most fun, interactive and engaging person the audience will ever find. That’s one side of the picture, even when you talk to me; I am the most personal and down to earth person!