Team Wu Magic

It’s a shame we can’t clone ourselves and be at different places at once. OR CAN WE?

With an overwhelming demand Johnny decided to accept apprentice and train people with amazing quality into a master magicians. Therefore, Team Wu Magic is born.

Team Wu is a UNICORN in the magic industry. We are on a mission to change how people view magicians. A real magician makes people believe magic is real! No tricks, no sleight of hands, and you can’t even begin to think about the methods. The difference between Team Wu and others is that we elevate our skills so much that people now believe we were born with superpowers. Combining Team Wu Magic with Johnny Wu, we can now cater to wide range of events, fit into wider range budgets and create miracle for even more people!! We will change this industry one event at a time!

Team Wu Magician, Dylan George - Close Up Magic!

Family Stage Show!!